My Bubbly Daughter Himani (a poem)

Posted: May 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

(a poem)

Last night I had an amazing dream,
As if were flirting with a snowy stream.

A little angel, entered my tiny room,
Held in her hand, a beautiful broom.

Blessed with golden and curly hair,
Smile she had, very lovely and fair.

With blue eyes, looked very adorable,
Her awesome entry, very memorable.

Little doll was an angel of her kingdom,
Full of astounding courage and wisdom.

God sent her with a message of fraternity,
To preach lessons of equality and liberty.

I listened to her, with great reverence,
She taught, key to success is perseverance.

Demure by nature but expressions beautiful,
Her eloquent teaching, was lively and wonderful.

Every word she spoke, was full of zeal,
I was asleep, but every word I could feel.

Her preach, I felt effervescent and very bubbly,
Moments spent with her, very ebullient and lovely.

Before dawn, ended her preach and flew away,
Memories of her presence, suddenly blew away.

When I opened my eyes, my dream turned romany,
Stood before me, my little daughter named Himani.

By Kishan Negi

(Writer, Reader, Blogger)


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