A Journey To North Pole (a poem)

Posted: April 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

To explore the beauty of nature,


My naughty mind and curious soul.


Flew high with halcyon mood,


Towards vast snowy north pole.


With sweet and amazing dreams,


And aiming at a ineffable goal.


Watching grey clouds stretching,


Playing the game of hide and seek.


With blend of zest and zeal feeling,


Jovial mission travelling at its peak.


Lost in rambling thoughts and dreams,


They kept flying to reach destination.


With enthusiasm and exuberance,


To win, had fervid and ardent inclination.


Yearningly winging up high in the sky,


Hovering over shining snowy mountain.


Had many a miles still to fly,


And Keeping every promises to sustain,


To eternalize the historic mission.


At last reached the north pole,


Witnessed the beauty of nature.


And savored the success of dream goal.


(Kishan Singh Negi)

Writer, Reader, Blogger


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