Do You Really Wish To Be A Successful Person

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Readers have a voracious appetite for juicy contents but my sole intention is not to serve new recipes for a different taste but to share with you how my soul defines theme of a success. All the persons are borne to win. Then why only few of them are winners. Successful people create realistic situations with positive energy and unsuccessful people make unrealistic situations with negative thoughts. In this article, main focuses has been made on the concepts of success and how it exists in our life.

Success Chases Only Successful People:

It is professionally and scientifically proven that the concept of success is a fruit for successful people only, which is an amazing gift for them of their positive attitude, burning desires, honest and ceaseless efforts, diligent planning and intelligent actions in the right directions.

Over the years, we have learnt through the vast experience of successful people that success exists on  only that have ardent and burning desires to achieve it. It means success chases those people that have self-designed goals to have it.   .

 Many people make tremendous efforts in this direction but still success is not visible to their dreams.  Do you really think success is running faster than you? Certainly not. Success is always waiting for you to reach there and grab it. Hence we may say that success chases only successful people.

Desire for success should be greater than fear of failure:

In this article we will discuss how success is roaming around you and you have to keep your eyes opened to grab the opportunity to achieve it. You may dream a beautiful success in your life but simultaneously there is always a fear of failure also. Therefore, your desire for success needs to be greater than your fear of failure in order to take desired shapes.

Team Work Performs Tremendously Under Dynamic Leadership:

Do you know that coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress and working together is a success. Organizational goals are achieved when there is a team work led by a leader from the front. Successful people always focus on their goals and not on the success because when the desired goals are achieved, success is bound to be there. The success script of MICROSOFT AND FACEBOOk has been written by a successful team work under the dynamic leadership of BILL GATES AND MARK ZUCKERNB. Because they knew that once their self-designed goals are achieved, success will be theirs and hence laid a strong foundation for next team and new leadership

Do You Chase Success Or Success Chases You:

Hi friends! Here I am again with a new idea whether to chase success OR let the success chase you. Never did I read in any book about this. Have you read? Please let me know. Rarely this concept might have become a hot topic among your friends with your entire academic and professional career. Have you ever thought of chasing or running after the success, an unseen riddle yet to be solved?

Today we will try a bit to solve this unseen riddle and discuss some of the major facts which help you reach your targeted goals thus making some room for success to welcome you. My main focus here will be how success chases you during your entire journey of accomplishment of your desired results. Readers have a voracious appetite for juicy contents but my sole intention is not to serve new recipes for a different taste but to share with you how my soul defines theme of a success.

How Ignorance and Confidence test your patience:

Ignorance and confidence are two things you require to taste success. Ignorance does not mean lack of knowledge but ignorance of the fact that how long is the journey. And then comes your confidence to travel this long a journey. Though the journey is long to be travelled but as soon as your journey is complete, success is just waiting for you. Ignorance and confidence boost you to keep moving forward towards your destination as success is curious to know about the mystery of your journey.

Be a successful human being rather than becoming a successful person:

Be all the rich men successful people? Some of you may think “YES”. But this is always not true. May be they must have achieved everything they desired but still are not a successful person. Do you know why? Because their main motive was to be a rich person rather than being a good human being, And many of them might have ended their journey at that level.

You may not be a complete successful person without being a good human being. A successful always carries with him values of a good human being. Then only they are able to sustain their growth and success for a long time. Because, we all are born as human being and will also die one day as human being only.

Hard Work, Dedication and Determination-Basic Tools of Success:

What are other tools to dream a success? Hard work, dedication and determination are other basic tools to achieve success. You must develop the habit of hard work, dedication for your passion and determination to reach your goals. These tools will help you reach your destination rather chasing it. Many people spend their entire journey to become successful but fail to achieve their goals, because they lacked hard work, dedication and determination.

Happiness and Enthusiasm Strengthen Your Appetite For Success:

Happiness is the key to success, success is not the key to happiness. Happiness must always exist on your way of success. Success is an endless process which goes from failure of failure. It is an enthusiasm and happiness which takes failure to success at one point of time. You always need to create a happy and enthusiastic environment around you which will further strengthen your appetite for positive attitude and right approach.

Are You Ending Your Journey Chasing The Success: If yes, please change the trend:

Desire and motivation are another tools which play a very significant role in your life to accomplish your dream goals. You must have some ardent desire for your goals and motivation assist you fulfill those goals. Before enjoying the taste of fruits of your hard work, you need to follow certain rules of game which will enable you end your journey of success rather end your journey chasing the success. The more you run for it, the more it out of your range, the less you are worried about it, the more it is curious about you and the more you talk of it the less it knows about your dream.

Lay A Strong Foundation With Bricks Thrown By Others:

A successful person lays a strong foundation of the bricks which have been thrown on him by others. He has to cross many hurdles and impediments on his success journey which ultimately make him a strong and iron man always moving forward to on his aim.

The strong foundation laid by him may be a road map for his next generation crying not for the success but focusing on achieving the desired goals.

How High You Bounce When You Hit The Bottom?

Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom which measures your journey from failure to success. The higher you bounce, the higher are the success. The difference between success and failure is neither the lack of strength nor the lack of knowledge but rather lack of will. Your strength and knowledge are the helping instruments on your way to success but it is only your strong will which helps you reach your destination.

Dream High – Achieve High:

Higher is the dream; higher is the achievement. You must have big dreams in your life. Otherwise you may be hired to dream for someone else. In my opinion, successful people are those who dream for themselves and not dream for others. But now the question arises how your dreams may come true. Successful do not believe on dreams which are borrowed from others. They create their own dreams and then focus on them. They always believe in learning from the failures of others and avoiding those mistakes.

Design Your Life Plan:

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people. No one can make you feel an inferior without your consent. Live as if you were to die tomorrow and learn as if you were to live forever. Once you learn the rules of the game; you learn how to play better than others. This is you who have to design a life plan for you. Lest you should fall into someone’s plan that might have designed for your failure. Right approach, right mental attitude and right plan are the supporting elements of a successful person. No one can teach you the key to success but many can teach you the key to failure. So design a better plan for better success.

Warren Buffet, one of the most successful persons, rightly says Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”.

It takes many years to build an empire and only few minutes to ruin it. Success is afraid of failure and failure is afraid of winning

Martin Luther King has said “If you can not fly then run, if you can not run then walk, if you can not walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward”.

Dare To Face Risk And Success Will Be Yours:

Successful people always dare to face risks while unsuccessful people dare not to face it. In this context, Mark Zuckerberg, owner of FACEBOOK, rightly says “The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risk”.

Obviously if you want to taste success, you first must learn to take risk. Majority of the people give ideas, some of them discuss them and only very few of them execute them and write a success story.


Successful people write a successful script after a successful journey. They know how to sustain it when on the peak and how to  it grab it again when at the bottom.  Since they understand the gravity of the situation, always focus on their self-designed goals..  Therefore, success is made for the successful people that always discuss  success.  Failure is made for unsuccessful people who always discuss failure.

Friends did you like this article, please let me know because your suggestion and love will inspire me to share more ideas with you. Again next time with some new idea.

 Kishan Singh Negi

(Writer, Reader, Blogger, Thinker & Motivator)


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