10 Symptoms Of A Boring Wife

Posted: April 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

“Marriage is that institution which we all have to attend at a certain point in time.”

There may be many signs of a boring wife that might have been faced by many of husbands, and are struggling a lot to get rid of those unpleasant situations. Here, I will highlight only those that are responsible for making husbands life a hell, inferno, mawkish and insipid (unsavory). These are:

1) Reluctant during sex-time: 

She is corpse in the bedroom, never initiates. You might have to beg for it. She is missing passionate lovemaking, hence making room for pillow barricade between partners. Also, conservative for sex love, and may turn her partner into premature ejaculatory. Also, she is not adventurous about sex chat. Nothing is more dreadful to her rather than the sex, which may ruin a happy married life. Such a wife needs to know the attraction of concupiscence

Volcano may bubble up any time. However, you may put hard efforts into pleasing her but all in vain. A real issue that can’t be dismissed by her anecdotal ideas what she thinks her husband likes. She may not apologies for not giving an optimistic and altruistic response. If you express your desires for it, they are discouraged and trivialize. If you know your partner is bored, you may salvage your relationship after an analytic study of problem. However, if boredom creeps in unchecked, it will spoil your married life. 

Husband need to lavish her with praise and encouragement and you eventually have a mutually satisfying sex-life. She may behave scurrilously if she is forced to have sex against her will. Husband tends to become a moron and married life a morbid with this type of partner.

 2) Unwilling To Try something New In The Kitchen:

There is a saying that the only way to go to man’s heart is through his stomach. Every husband expects his partner to serve him tasty, delicious, yummy and luscious food items. Man loves a wife who is good at cooking. No doubt, your partner is passionate about kitchen and an expert cook, but she is more inclined to try out only traditional routine recipes.

You may want her to try out some new trends and experience new recipes, but she does not care for your feelings. She keeps herself confined to the old traditional routine of kitchen. She serves you very tasty and hygienic food in dinner, but your desire for new taste or trendy food is never satisfied. Then comes a situation when you go out with your friends for such change. She should make efforts in cooking meals that her partner loves. When she satisfies his taste buds, he will automatically be at peace and ease. Maybe she is not a great cook, but let that not deter her from cooking scrumptious meals. Instead of eating out on weekends, stay home try something new for your husband in lunch and dinner. He will appreciate the amount of efforts made by his wife which is a boost to their married life.

3) Never Seen In a Romantic Mood:

You are married now and have bigger responsibilities, does not necessarily mean you will forget love spark and romance. But, a boring wife lacks the qualities of a coquette. Any time she feels the weather is in romantic mood, wife may go out with her spouse on romantic date, lunch or latest movie or dinner, but a boring wife Influence of a quality date and quality time stays longer.

Husband will always thank her for that awesome date and romantic moment. Time for romanticism disappears from their married life and the couple fails to create space for erotic love, and is deprived to real excitement for love.

4) Unwilling To Accept The Concept of Communication and Compromise:

A situation may arise when wife wishes to flirt with her husband, but fails in this attempts due to proper application of communication skills. She needs to communicate her feelings with her partner about their family issues. Every husband feels better when his wife is ready to communicate and negotiate to find out a solution, which is acceptable to both. When husband returns home after a tiring official tour, he may be in a romantic mood, but wife either neglects it or not able to communicate with him. She needs to compromise with her husband to resolve certain delicate family issues in a very amicable manner.

Husband flunks in his efforts for lovemaking. This non- physical quality is more important. It makes for a much longer, happier, more fulfilling relationship. However, by applying proper communication, under such circumstances, by a boring wife, the situation may be overcome to convert unpleasant moments into joyful ones.

5) Not Much A Caring And Loving Partner:

Every man likes a wife who cares and loves her partner. Being a caring wife, she needs to take some pain to care for his wishes and talk to him to resolve the issues between them which shows a sign of positive attitude at her end. Needs to be a good listener for her partner’s problems and find the way out for smooth and happy married life. No marriage can weather the storms of the years if each spouse does not learn to give preferences to his or her partner’s desires from time to time.

Every man is bored with a wife who is not ready to take a responsibility on her shoulder to spend quality time. Nor does she get attracted by her husband’s actions for caring him. This is because she lacks sense of humor and communication skills. Such wife plays the game of giddy goat, thus making the married life a gloomy and melancholy.

6) Lacking Fun And Sense Of Humor:

Today every husband feels better when her partner is a funny one and has some sense of humor. She must know how to find out and enjoy funny moments out of busy life so that theirs married life may be stress free and joyful. A boring wife is literally not found of a funny and jolly nature, and is not fond of applying her sense of humor to have some funny time with her partner. As a result, life of the couple becomes a hell.

7) Not A Best Mom And Guide:

Every husband likes a wife who loves and cares for him. However, he wants her to be a loving and caring mother of their kids and work hard in their character building. When husband is out on official or business tour, wife is not capable of handling her children, nor is able to assist them in their home work.

A woman who fails to cultivate into her children family and social values, is not fit to be the best mom and guide.  She is responsible to nurture and groom them from childhood to lay strong foundation for their bright future

8) Lacks Quality of Being A Good Host:

A boring wife does not like her husband to invite his friends on weekends for small dinner and drink party nor is she willing to join such parties outside. She explains many reasons to justify her stand and has not even a single point for not being a good host. A boring wife always finds it a disaster and affliction to socialize with others that are signs of her ineptitude and turbidity. This is because she lacks sense of humor and communication skills. Such wife plays the game of giddy goat, thus making the married life a gloomy and melancholy.

She adopts an indifferent attitude towards such type of social and family gatherings, which, later on, is proven as a bane for her partner. She hardly takes active part in such events, and makes every effort to prevent her husband from joining and arranging such friendly gatherings. Then a day comes when her partner is sidelined by his friends and colleagues. Today majority of husbands is afraid of spending entire life with this type of boring life partner.

9) Indifferent Attitude for Elderly Members:

If any wife dares not to respect the elder members in family and always waits for one or the other opportunity to hurt their sentiments, then married life does not take much time to turn into turmoil. Her ego and arrogance don’t let her create positive energy to make married life a heaven. This indifferent attitude makes her a boring partner which no husband is easily happy to digest.

10) Not Willing To Accept Changing Trends Of Modern Life:

Today with the development of modern science and technology, phenomena of changing trends has already taken place in every part of life. But a wife that is not willing to keep pace with such a change, is bound to be a boring wife. Moreover, she is not a woman who looks towards life with positive attitude and positive energy. She has no plans to convert her burning desires into reality. Husband finds it very difficult to make future plans for his family with a woman who always has indifferent attitude towards life.

CONCLUSION: If a wife is ready to make no room for the negative points of a boring wife as highlighted above, she may become an ideal wife for her husband and family. Then, their destiny may pour into their life all happiness they wish, and the couple will be able to stop misfortunes and bad luck from hovering over them with black shadows of failures. For me, the essence of an ideal married life is love and be loved.

NOTE: All the points highlighted  above are writer’s own ideas.

Kishan Singh Negi

Writer, Reader, Thinker, Blogger and Motivator

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