Three Friends-Canary, Laptop and Blanket

Posted: June 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

Weekly Writing Prompt 

Canary the bird, Laptop and Blanket  were very fast friends living in a  green jungle. They studied in the same class. Though they were very naughty and garrulous but very helpful to everyone. One fine morning, all of them went for fishing to a nearby small river. There they enjoyed swimming and had fish in lunch.

Suddenly, they experienced thunderstorm with heavy rain and then whole valley slept in the lap of darkness.  All the three friends were astonished and struck dumb.  They took shelter in a nearby cave which looked very horrible and aghast.

Canary heard a voice as if someone were crying for help. He told his friends, Laptop and Blanket, about it. They came out from the cave for help. The river was gushing due to heavy rain and a Lamb was afloating in the river.  Somehow they managed to rescue the Lamb and took him into the cave.

Lamb was very frightened, thirsty and hungry. Canary (bird) brought him some fruits to eat.  Since he was shivering with cold, Blanket covered him to protect from cold and offered him some water to drink. But the lamb did not stop crying. All the three friends made all efforts to make him laugh but all in vain.

Then an idea struck to Laptop. He had stored some documentary films in his memory and showed the Lamb a documentary film which was a Twenty-Twenty cricket match between the Rabbits and the Elephants.
On seeing this, the Lamb had a peal of laughter on his face and all the three friends heaved a sigh of relief.

Next morning, when the weather became clear, they handed over the Lamb to his parents who thanked the three friends for their timely help. Canary, Laptop and Blanket were honoured with bravery award for their bravery.

kishan singh negi
(writer and blogger)






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