Welcome to “Tea Break @ Youth Junction”

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Uncategorized


Hi all my new friends all over the GLOBE.  This is a RENDEZVOUS for Tea Break while sharing my hidden feelings and thoughts with you. At this JUNCTION, issues, directly or indirectly, related to today’s youth will be discussed and shared.

Friends, I have a great passion for writing and reading and wish to be a writer one day. May be this platform navigates me towards my mission.  Frequently my naughty mind and little heart motivates me to close my eyes and start writing something on unseen dreams of youth community.  Today global youth community is struggling hard to find its right place with the enormous technological developments.

Modern youth society is looking  forward to a better tomorrow to fulfil its present dreams. Hence to so many such issues, my passion sometimes inspires me to write on. Very soon, friends, you may find a article here with a new issue. O k see u…

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