Lioness Moves To New Delhi With 3 Lambs-A Real Life Story

Posted: May 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hi friends! As promised, here again i  am with a new story.  This is a real life based story of a lioness mother who had three sons(Lambs) to take care of. She lived with her three children in a hilly village of Uttarakhand (INDIA) named KURMAN village, situated in the lap of nature, a charming and scenic place. The snow covered peaks, glittering Ram Ganga river and picturesque hills all added to the tourists attraction. The lust green grassy land and dense green forests made it an ideal place for natural lovers.

The mother never saw the face of school but was very sharp minded and active. She would perform all the daily activities i.e. bringing water from a nearby river, taking the pet animals for grazing in the forest, going to forest for woods to cook food, etc. Her husband, who also never went to the school, was a lowered post employee in government office in New  Delhi ,national capital of INDIA. Since there were no proper educational facilities in the village she sent her two sons to her husbands for good education and next year she also left for Delhi along with her the youngest son.

The father would not take that much care of the children as mother would take. The economic condition of the family was very miserable. Many a time the family would find it very difficult to make both ends meet. The mother was religious and would go to the temple to worship the god for secured and better future of her sons. Though she was illiterate yet she learnt how to teach the lessons of discipline to her children. All the three sons were very disciplined, obedient and loyal to their mother. She was a versatile lady by nature and did not leave any stone unturned in character building of her children. She was a role model for every one. She played a vital role in the success of her children by becoming a caring mother, an ideal teacher, a good friend, a tactful finance manager, an expert motivator and guide.

Inspite of his illiteracy, she knew the tactics of finance management to manage the monthly family budget with a meagre income of her husband. Many times, she would knit the sweaters of her neighbours to arrange school fees and uniforms of her sons. As the time passed, her all the three children got good education from nearby corporation schools. And the ultimate dream of the LIONESS MOTHER came true when her all the sons got government jobs. The eldest son became a senior teacher, younger son now a manager in a bank and the youngest one an engineer.

And came time when the two children got married and today they are happy with their families but the youngest one did not get married. The sons were enjoying happy life with their wives and children but became less attentive to the mother. The kind of regards and respect was not given what she actually deserved. The sons now had forgotten the great sacrifices made by the mother. Dignity of mother did not find any place with her sons’s families. She was not given proper attention when she was heading towards old age. The main bone of contention of this was the difference of opinions. Huge gap of understanding between two generations. How and why does it happen to a mother when she grows old? But surprisingly this is a bitter truth as experienced by me, an author of this story.

One day, his eldest son and his wife decided to send her to a old age home at Vrindavan to get rid of her for ever. Now they started scolding her over minor issues. As a result, she became mentally restless and disturbed. One fine morning, she left the home for some unknown place. Thereafter, all the three sons were worried about their mother. Actually they were worried for one reason only that how they would face their society and relatives and not about their missing mother. They rushed to the nearby police station to register missing report of the mother. Suddenly, one evening the missing mother came back after seven days. She looked very tired and hungry. It seemed as if she had lost something very close to her.

After this incident, the younger son took her with him but fate of mother ditched her again. Wife of his son did not like her and ultimately the circumstances compelled her to take shelter in the house of her youngest son who had once kicked her out of his house in the past. How the destiny takes a turn in the life of a person. The mother had no other option but to take shelter in the house of his youngest son from where she was once kicked out. Presently she stays with him. Here also she has been facing many problems from his son’s side. Never any conversation takes place between them. The mother has got many old age health problem and depends on medicines. Now she is above eighty years and counting her days. She is a mother who has been discarded by his three sons and their wives.

So friends, this is a short story based on the real life of a LIONESS mother and his three LAMB sons. Through this story message goes that a mother may be a sure guarantee for the happy life and successful careers of her children but the children may not be any guarantee for the peaceful life of a mother when she grows old, Friends, I have met this mother to know her painful story. After meeting the mother, I am getting scared of my old age. Though this is a real life story but hope my readers and friends will not make any room nor create any space for such awful and painful stories.

Dear readers please let me know how did you like this story and what impact it has in your life. Always give to your old aged parents what they deserve. Always remain indebted to them for their invaluable sacrifices. Take care and bi bi and gud nite. It is 12 pm and moving out of “friendshippark”. See you again next time with a new theme and new idea. Sometime in future, I may write a book or a novel on real life story of this LIKONESS mother. Wish till then the LIONESS MOTHER survives,

Kishan Negi
Author and Blogger


  1. Wow! what a touching article. b”fuf n w’ful theme. nice to read,


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