Human beings enveloped by nature

Posted: May 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enveloped.” hi friends, I am kishan negi. We are  enveloped by nature from four directions, In this envelop nature  pour on us its love and affection as our mother does it. We all survive in he envelop created by nature and are bound to follow its rules framed for us.  For me the whole universe is a envelop where flora-fauna and living creatures live together.

In this envelop, nature has blessed us all with its wonderful gifts such as plants and trees, water and air, flora-fauna, mountains with glaciers, fruits and flowers all at free of cost for our survival.  Whenever we go against its rules, we are punished by nature by natural calamities i.e. earthquakes, flood, tempest, tsunami, draught, etc. We should be eco-friendly and maintain ecological balance. We should grow more trees rather than making nuclear and atom bombs which will destroy one day existence of human beings  on this earth,  I am a great lover of nature and its free gifts. Since we are enveloped by nature from all corners, we should never think of coming out of this envelop which may reason our survival.  Hi friends, we all should be thankful to the nature for its beautiful gifts and we all should love the nature always.  Now I am closing the daily post and going for evening walk in the park where again I will meet nature in many forms.  bi bi and take care. See u again in the next post with a new theme and idea. Follow me in blog “friendshippark”

Hence we should be grateful to the nature for its free

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