Mother’s Day- Maa Tujhe Pranam

Posted: May 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hi friends, today it rained in Delhi and NCR. Summer suddenly switched over to pleasant climate of Nainital and London streets.  Friends, this is my ever first blog article.  As blog name says,.this is a park where friends from different parts meet each other and share their heart feelings.

My first blog is dedicated to our loving and caring mother (MOTHER INDIA). Mother is the creator of this universe and takes cares of her children as nature takes care of us all.  She can not be defined in a line or a book since her role is not confined to any boundary. To remember her, every year we celebrate mother’s day. The origin of mother day goes back to the era of ancient Greek and Romans.  But its roots may also be traced in other parts of the world.

Friends, today every year we celebrate mother’s day to honour our mother. Don’t you think it is more commercialized today by big corporate houses to promote their products on this day.   Are we really honest to remember her once in a year? Does she really deserves this much only from her children.  How can we forget that she always remains great by virtue of having given birth, by raising her children, by supplying her OVUM for fertilization.  Hence concept of motherhood takes place.

Mother is the first school of a child where he learns primary lessons of life.. It is the mother who cultivates the good habits (SANSKAR) in him. She is a teacher who teaches lessons of life, she is a guru who provides right path, she is a motivator who motivates to focus on goals and achieve it,  she is a friend who is always with us when in trouble. She plays a very vital role in the character building of a child.

Now the burning question arises whether we are really concerned enough about her when she grows old. My answer is certainly ” NO”.I know one of my friends who are three brothers and none of them is happily ready to take care of his mother when she is above 80 years old.  She cooks for herself and performs all her day-to-day work herself and also not in good health.  What might be the reasons?  Is it generation gap? May be but not always. Why mothers, at old age, are left to their fate by their children? My question is very bitter but needs a true answer.

My personal experience has taught me that a mother can take care of one dozen children but one dozen children together can not take care of one old age mother. Many old age mothers are compelled to spend their remaining lives either in old age homes or In Vridha Ashrams. We all are brought up in the shade of her AANCHAL but she does not find any such shade with her children.  Are we justifying ourselves? Are we doing any justice to our mothers? Are we not indebted to the great sacrifices made by her,

  • We need to think it over and find out a space for our mother and give to her what she really deserves, Friends forget not that one day we will also board the same bus which our mother is boarding today. Caring for old age mother is a pride and not a curse. Mother needs respect and honour. This is our prime duty and her basic rights. Forget not “as wesow so shall  we reap”.  Right place for her is with her family – notvridha ashram and old age homes.You may or may not agree to this article but truth always prevails. Friends now it is12.40 pm and moving out from “FRIENDSHIPPARK”. See you all again here next time  with new issue.  Now I conclude with “maa tujhe salaam- maa tujhe pranam”,Take care of your mother and good night.


  1. what a nice issue, keep it up friend with new issues.


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